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About Querky Cafe


If fast foods are what you really enjoy as a part of your meal, we are probably your best bet in the city. To make the experience really exceptional for you, we maintain a strong balance between the quality and taste of our items. A supreme ambiance prevails at our place which even helps elevate the aesthetic value of our restaurant. You can visit us and be truly mesmerized by the remarkable foods that we have on offer. However, if coming to us is not at all possible for you, you can also try ordering from us online. To avail of our home delivery services, you just have to download our app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Through the app, we would be able to provide you our entire menu such that you can pick up your favorites and order them at your own convenience. Choose us if you are truly passionate about quality eating.

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You can find us in three of the most important parts of the city. At Forest Gate, you can find us at 180 forest lane, London, E7 9BB, while at Walthamstow, we are to be found at 23 High St, Walthamstow, London E17 7AD. We are also located at Antrim Road at 110 Watney Street, Shadwell, London - E1 2QE. If you have any doubts regarding our locations, you can readily open our app to get guided to us with the help of onboard GPS navigation support. Visit us right away for we are your source for a surreal experience wrapped in fast foods.

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